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Play With Me

Let's talk about you.

What do you need? Some seriously stellar buttons and social media graphics to spruce up your online presence? A business card with a hot-diggity-dog logo splashed across it (with a matching invoice sheet and thank you cards? Maybe? Possibly?) Or is it a whole new look for your blog or website? Something fresh, something with the perfect color palette, something so brazenly you that people will feel what you're all about with just a quick glance.

Okay, yeah... Keep talking.

I generally work with two principles in mind: 1) Original and quality content and 2) Keep my clients happy. I love to use a white, blank "canvas" with bright colors strategically splashed across it. Hand drawn illustrations often accent my work and style. I listen to what you want. I study you, your business, your products, your tweets, your pinterest, your likes, your hates, your inspirations, and aspirations. I work with the Adobe Creative Suite to create designs that will best reflect what represents you and your business.

You sound awesome. But what are you offering?

I'm pretty awesome. I work with small business owners, solopreneurs, and driven individuals and I'm currently only offering three products. Snatch 'em up while you can!

The Bits & Bobs:: Maybe it's a twitter background, maybe it's a Facebook banner, or your blog header, or a newsletter template. Whatever it is, these little side dish graphics make a big difference when they come custom and fit into your brand. Choose 3 // $135.00

The Blog:: Wouldn't it be nice to have a fully customized, unique blog design all about... you or your biz?! Heck yes. This sweet little package deal gets you a blog design 100% customized to exactly how you want it. Banner, buttons, layout, and color, color, COLOR! Not sure how you want it, just know that you want it to be awesome, new, and unique? Don't worry, we'll dive right in and come up with something that is perfectly, unmistakably you. // $395

The Must-Haves:: Business gets personal with this fab package. A logo, Business Card, Invoice, & Thank You card // $495.00

I'm interested. What next?

I'm so excited to work with you! I love working with driven entrepreneurs, blogger enthusiasts and talented individuals. If you're ready to get serious about what type of visual impact your brand has on the world, shoot me an email and we'll get started. Don't worry, you're in good hands.

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