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Hello! My name is Amber, and I'm a brand stylist and designer-for-hire. I've started my own business, Play With Dolls, working with small businesses that want to get serious with their brand's visual identity. I'm a businesses minded girl, with a love for funky fashion, meeting new people, and just being myself. 

I started out at the age of nine, picking wild flowers and selling them door-to-door with my little sister. As a junior in high school, I started my first bath and body company making handmade lotions, soaps and scrubs. Back then, I didn't have anyone to tell me how to package, present or market my products. So, I taught myself graphic design, web design, business and marketing through books, courses, seminars, various projects and lots of trial and error. 

Now, not only have I experienced various aspects of building and running a business, but I understand the value of branding. I have an exceptional eye for target market and brand identity. I listen. I pay attention. I thrive on detail. I've got the Adobe Creative Suite under my belt, with a side dish of HTML, CSS, and PHP. What else? I've also managed to fit in private lessons in graphic design, two internships with independent fashion designers, freelance writing, and working in the marketing department of one of the biggest banks in the country. I've managed a coffee shop, hustled as a dancer, and sold Justin Bieber tee-shirts to skeptical mothers. I've traveled to the west coast and back again.

Today, I play sidekick to small business owners and driven individuals as a graphic and web designer. I've channeled all of that irreplaceable experience and feel-good energy into brand development and presentation- mainly through design. Logos, websites, and blog designs are all on my roster. I consider myself a brand stylist and inspirational instigator. I love to talk business over a nice cup of English Breakfast. Want to chat or just bounce ideas off me? Send me an email.

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