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freelance diary / 2


i feel a little selfish saying this, but these past few weeks have all been about me, me, me. who i am, what i envision for my business, what kind of designer i want to be, who i dream of working with, and just who i can become as a brand stylist and business owner.

i just began working with a new client yesterday, which is very exciting! i'm currently working on a logo design. lots of color and abstract play here. i can't wait to share! i'm also redesigning a website for another client of mine (also fun! way more modern look!).

erika lyremark's class has been kicking my butt, to be honest! i'm almost half way through it. it's absolutely brilliant and giving me the focus and clarity that i need to be who i know i can be. on the other hand, though, the more i practice the advice and lessons, the less i actually spend on the homework she gives us and networking in the group because i'm working on acting on them, instead of writing them down. i suppose one thing i need to work on is balance.

one thing i'm learning for sure? you really can have it all.


spontaneous traveler

i'm completely enamored by this outfit. beautiful skirt, gorgeous color combinations... and that jacket!
from kivitz


pretty spaces

i love these modern boho inspired rooms:

lately i've found bright and busy textiles to be so inspiring! Especially loving combinations of teal, orange, and fuschia.


Pretty Packaging

packaging design is one of my weaknesses. i fully admit that i will pay more money for a product with better packaging.

you know, within reason.


freelance diary // 1

Working for myself is something that I've always known I wanted to do. Ever since I got my first job, at least. The thought of not setting my own hours, and not being able to have the flexibility that I need to stay inspired and motivated is really unwelcoming to me. I've really been on my game to get things moving since the new year began. I'm never really inspired by the new year, and have never been a person that makes resolutions or anything.

Weekly Freelance Notes:

:: I registered for Erika Lyremark's Morning Whip. It starts the 13th, and I'm nervous/excited/so ready to be whipped. I've heard nothing but good things, so I'm hoping I get a lot out of it!

:: I still have a few pieces to add to my online portfolio. I really want to have some pieces actually on hard copy (like business cards, or a lookbook) and take a photo of them, so you can get more of an idea of what they look like in life, rather than just digitally

:: Need to put together my pre-design playbook, an idea I lovingly stole from Alexandra Franzen.

:: Time management is going to get a little crazy once my PHP class starts next week!

How is everyone's week going? Wish me luck beginning Erika's class!


creative favorites: fafi

hello! are you familiar with French graffiti artist and illustrator fafi?

 i discovered her gorgeous sassy fafinettes and dreamworld years ago and it was love at first sight. i love all of her characters. they exude such confidence, sexiness, and overall fun.

apparently she also just came out with her first graphic novel, The Carmine Vault, which is officially on my Christmas list. she doesn't do many exhibits anymore, but she is known worldwide, and I'd love to meet her in person. too bad I just missed her book tour!

she started out illegally spray painting and "tagging" local areas. aren't her illustrations amazing and inspiring? i love the playfulness and straightforwardness of her fafinettes. her and her husband both do graffiti together. talk about romance! check out her blog over here.

images via fafi